Harry Marinsky was born in London, came to the United States at an early age and studied art at the Rhode Island School of Design, later attending Pratt University. His early work in watercolor brought him considerable acclaim and many of the original paintings are in the Hunt Botanical Library at Carnegie-Mellon University.  Marinsky lived and worked in Rowayton, Connecticut, where he was active with the Silvermine Guild of Artists. In every spare moment possible, he sculpted, graduating to massive works. Since 1972, Marinsky has lived in Capriglia, Italy where he finds endless inspirations in the many aspects of the simple life there, and the genre subjects ingenious to Tuscany. Everyday things pervade his works, which are streamlined and modern in their fluidity, and always recognizable.  


Bronze, 33 inches



The Beard
Bronze, 16 inches



Day Is Done
Bronze, 16 inches



St. Francis
Bronze, 16 inches



The Walrus and The Carpenter
Bronze, 14 inches



The Racer
Bronze, 25 inches


La Musica
Bronze, 31 inches

The Great Coat
Bronze, 25 inches

The Letter
Bronze, 24 inches

Woman and Beach Towel
Bronze, 23 inches


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